Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Visiting a new church can be intimidating:

What should I wear?

What time does worship take place?

How do I get there from here?

When are services?

Our worship service is held on Sunday morning at 11 am. Worship lasts, on average, about an hour.   The announcements follow.  Then soon after, the sermon begins and finishes within the hour.  Small group discussions occur afterwards to allow the congregation to get a better understanding of  the message.  Fellowship happens during the coffee hour immediately after the small groups discussions.

What should I wear?

God doesn’t care what you wear to church, and neither do we! Dress casually or formally as you feel comfortable. Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

How do I get there?

Immanuel Community is in middle of the block on Murray Street north of Sanford Avenue in Flushing, New York. Click here for more information.